15 years

Last week – before I could present my latest project update at work I got presented with my golden pointee for 15 years of service at the company.

I never really I thought I would be in a company that long – but the work, the challenges and the fun have kept me going. 15 sits pretty well alongside 10 & 5 right?

Prom 35 – John Wilson conducts Oklahoma!

Every prom season I take a look to see what the John Wilson and his orchestra will be offering and this years performance of Oklahoma was superb.

A well chosen cast including Belinda Lang & comedian Marcus Brigstocke supported the orchestra fantastically. The sounds from both the singers and orchestra was wonderfully rich – full of life and energy. A few dodgy american accents but that can be forgiven for the skills of the singers.

My one small downside – we were sat in the Grand Tier box 39 which was right in line with the front of the stage. This meant acoustics of the snare drum were bad. The sound was returning from the back wall to my ears a few milliseconds behind everything else. Annoying for parts with loud snare – but otherwise fine.

As usual an excellent evening with John Wilson and his Orchestra. Will be back again next year I hope.

Oklahoma @ BBC Proms

If you have access to BBC IPlayer – Prom 35 Oklahoma 

blogroll – brickset

Since I’ve been writing this blog – I’ve been pretty quiet on the lego front. never fear here comes my first lego post. While following lego on instagram and twitter is a great way of keeping up with their official news – I like to use the blog site brickset to follow what else is going on in the lego world. The site has a great news and a fantastic set / part database. It my one stop shop for all lego stuff.

screenshot of brickset.com

More lego stuff soon – during my last london visit I had a bit more time to in the new Lego store at leicester square.

blogroll – Cup of Sugar :: Pinch of Salt

bored and lacking food inspiration? head over to Cup of Sugar :: Pinch of Salt for food ideas. The blog is run by a good friend of mine who manages to create fantastic ideas in a small space. The photos will lead you to hunger pains as you browse. Favourites of mine include Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup & “BLT” Deviled Eggs. There is also a large amount of reference information with conversations, substitutions, dictionaries & glossaries.